Many say that the challenges facing the world today are different from the ones we faced in generations past. We really can’t agree more.

This is why here in Edgefield, our goal is to empower you — our digital natives — to solve these problems through the responsible use of technology both in and out of the classroom. Technology will make co-construction of knowledge seamless as thinking and discussion are made visible. Technology also gives the convenience of enabling learning to take place anytime, anywhere.

Using iPad applications that enable learning to be self-directed and collaborative, coupled with your teachers’ strategies that cater to active learning through individualised feedback and differentiated teaching and learning, learning becomes fun and personal for you!

A device management software will be installed on your device that will allow teachers to monitor how it is being used. Moreover, the CCE curriculum teaches you how to critically evaluate what you read online, discern genuine news from falsehoods and not rely on social media for “likes” and validation.

Edgefield is an active user of the Student Learning Space (SLS), a portal which gives you access to rich learning resources and gives you timely feedback. This results in deeper understanding and greater reflection on your learning.